Use Purchase Orders to reduce errors and avoid rework.

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Take the pain out of the procurement process

Save Time

As soon as you login, you will be greeted with a news feed of what has happened recently. You can quickly see the activities that are of interest to you, and drill down from there.

Empower &

Empower employees to do as much as possible by themselves, while staying within a defined process. An approval is required only before cutting an actual PO.

Manage vendors

Do you have preferred vendors who understand your business? Add them quickly to an RFQ. Found a new vendor? No problem, they are just another click away.

Get notified

You can follow PRs and purchase orders. When someone acts on it, you will get an email.

Small steps. Big impact.

Add a site for delivery

  • Where do you want your purchases delivered?
  • Create a site for that.
  • It could be your office or a warehouse.
  • All you need is an address and a name.

Add your vendors

  • Who are you getting the stuff from?
  • If you need just one quote, add that vendor.
  • Need to get multiple quotes? Just add more vendors.
  • Add a vendor contact, and you are ready to go.

Get started with your purchase request

  • Give the PR a meaningful name.
  • Provide a short justification.
  • Specify what items you need.
  • Mention the quantities and units.
  • Associate any number of vendors.
  • Make comments and request approval.

A simple approval process ensures accountability

  • In a small company you can approve the purchase yourself.
  • If you want someone else to approve, its as easy as 123.
  • You can send notes to vendors at any time for clarifications.
  • You can add notes that are only visible to your employees.
  • If you are curious, there is a preview of the vendor's perspective.

Dashboard with a news feed and alerts.

  • As people make updates to PRs or POs, you can see them in your feed.
  • If there is action required by you, or something you need to notice, it will show up in the notification area.
  • Unique profile picture for each user, combined with action-icons, make it easy to get an idea of what happened without reading it.

Free, for ever!

With the FREE plan, PomsApp is free to use for as long as you want, for an unlimited number of purchases (PRs and POs), and for an unlimited number of employees.


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10 active Purchases
at any given time


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20 active Purchases
at any given time


$ 299


30 active Purchases
at any given time


$ 499


50 active Purchases
at any given time

Paid plans are free for the first 60 days. Free plan is free for life.

No long term contracts. Pay month to month. Cancel at any time.